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Don't Whack Your Teacher
Ace Viral - Box10
Find all the different ways to Whack Your Teacher by using the objects in the room.
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Mouse controls
Action Games
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Total AG Ratings: 805

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380 Reviews
Wolffy_FZ (18 days ago)
I really don't know what to say though... it's like really good game and all, but... Nvm. It's pretty good! Also, why even play it when you know how don't wack your boss and all of the other ones are like? Also, there's a FREAKING WARNING IN THE BEGINNING THAT THERE'S GORE!!! So why did u even move on? I mean, COME ON! GROW UP! A little gore's not gonna make a child/kid go running off to their school and start killing their teachers! You should be smarter than that to even think that!
Wolffy_FZ (18 days ago)
I also have to say, That I totally agree with Moral Expectations, Kingdomgirl66, BigFello, Sonikkuplay, and of course... me. -Wolffy_FZ
kingdomgirl66 (21 days ago)
This game is offending to all teachers these game developers are just supporting kids who hate school just because they are getting bad grades
SonikkuPlay (22 days ago)
just another family friendly game lol
Dyno15 (24 days ago)
cute game , recomded to little kids
kingdomgirl66 (26 days ago)
I totally agree with Moral expectations
StormRider666 (28 days ago)
i love these kind of games
BeanHead716 (31 days ago)
im doing this irl
maximumNZ (over a month ago)
it isnt a mobile game!? I HAVE A CHROMBOOK MISTER
coolycol (over a month ago)
I like how billy just walks out of there so nonchalant.