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Jungle Forest Escape Game

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Jungle Forest Escape Game Game Information

Jungle Forest Escape Game
Meena Games
Find the keys to unlock the boat to escape the strange amazing jungle.
ALL AGES   (more info)
Mouse controls
Action Games
168,745   (175 today)

Total AG Ratings: 31

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12 Reviews
Boogie_J (over a month ago)

Fun, but I had to use the walkthrough midway through and there are 2 puzzles I would have never figured out unless I camped on this for hours.

Pi_y (over a month ago)

Really not that difficult- just remeber to look/open all your clues so as to "activate" them. Enjoyed it

Jaimie64 (over a month ago)

This is the least fun escape game I've ever played. You can't really "cheat" the system to where you have written down all the clues or even watch a walkthrough. You literally have to click on each clue that you are given in order to "unlock" the puzzle. Then you have to figure out what answers goes to what puzzle. Sure, majority of it is basically self-spoken, but those with 3 or 4 digits combos, you don't know which ones are for what. Took me 20 mins to figure out what goes to what and this is... more >>

imvedifng (over a month ago)

DO NOT PLAY IT YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT Some scenes make no sense and u will have to watch the walkthrough and then it won't be fun

MockingjayPotter (over a month ago)

Way too hard

gamuser (over a month ago)

There were a lot of fun things in this game but I ended up hating it because it gets to a point where the rest of what needs to be done is completely not intuitive. It is stupid that you go to some pages with an arrow and some are just portals. You also shouldn't have to click on the clues in order for the puzzles to work since you can see the clues in the side panel already. That is just dumb and annoying and was making me wonder why the clue wasn't solving the puzzle. The arrows on the horsesh... more >>

stwriter92 (over a month ago)

Didn't really get the letter cube thing. Other than that I guess this was pretty fun.

ingrid126 (over a month ago)


AlexC4 (over a month ago)

This is the least intuitive 'escape' game I've ever played.

SamSam176 (over a month ago)

You have to click on your clues before you solve the puzzels or it wont accept it.